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Video surveillance

Approximately 55% of the world’s population lives in urban settings and the level of urbanization is expected to reach 70% in the next 30 years.

Our cities are more congested than ever and their management is becoming increasingly complex day by day. The rapid growth of the urban population poses new challenges to administrations in ensuring adequate infrastructure and transportation, as well as preventing disorder and critical situations.


To meet these needs, technologies capable of evolving rapIdly and adapting flexibly to changing scenarios are required. Surveillance solutions and Artificial Intelligence have proven to be among the most effective responses to help both local and national authorities maintain a high level of security in cities.


By interconnecting conventional cameras with advanced Artificial Intelligence platforms, it is possible to effectively and affordably implement a smart solution for territory monitoring. This solution supports the work of public security forces by repurposing existing infrastructures such as Public Lighting installations. The integration and analysis of video streams from various information sources allow for a real-time horizontal overview of city events, promptly signaling events of interest. Critical events that can be monitored include possession of weapons, unauthorized intrusions, detection of accidents and wrong-way vehicles, health emergencies, suspicious gatherings, analysis of vehicular access to the city, watercourse levels and litter abandonment.

News: AIVS

An advanced surveillance system, harnessing solar energy, 4G and cloud technologies to provide numerous benefits to public administrations:


Ease of use: this system offers an advanced surveillance solution, standing out for its straightforward installations, requiring no specialized skills or significant financial investments. 


Cutting – edge IT infrastructures: It delivers a highly reliable IT infrastructure with consistently updated and maintained Service Level Agreements (SLA). The cameras are easily portable and come equipped with artificial intelligence for variuos analyses.

Robust Analytical Capabilities

The system allows for the analysis of diverse types of data and information:

Traffic flows

Crowd detection

Intruder detection

Monitoring abandonment or removal of objects

Flame and smoke identification

Recognizing covered faces

Ground-level person monitoring

Checking parking status

License plate recognition

Detecting abnormal road behaviours and traffic light violations

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