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We believe that companies growth begins with energy efficiency and finds value in sustainability. We guide companies along this journey with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

In the context of Italian companies, enhacing energy efficiency is an essential step toward the sustainability of production processes and their competitiveness. This is because it goes beyond simply reducing environmental impact and energy costs; it also encompasses the enhancement of overall economic performance for the company.


These objectives require significant initial investments, specialized expertise and dedicated resources for system management and maintenance. City Green Light is commited to assisting companies in all phases of the energy efficiency improvement process, form the initial resource analysis to the implementation and management of technologies, services and platforms, including financial support through established contractual options.



Upgrading both outdoor and indoor lighting systems with the latest-generation Technologies, including smart lighting techniques, which encompass remote control systems for more efficient and secure management of the installations, as well as solutions for energy monitoring.


Design and implementation of systems with the integration of a photovoltaic system on the available areas (rooftops or industrial land) and the configuration of an Efficient Utility System (SEU) or even a Renewable Energy Community.

Thermal source efficiency improvements

through measures such as the adoption of efficient technologies, thermal insulation of systems and optimized control of thermal processes, it is possible to maximize the overall efficiency of the thermal system, contributing to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions while improving the overall sustainability of heating, cooling and heat production systems.

Comprehensive Energy Management

Maintenance services; Remote monitoring; System Reporting; Energy Management Systems (EMS) that include guidelines and approaches to streamline energy resource management; smart metering for meter management.


City Green Light can conduct energy audit services for its clients, aimed at assessing the level of efficiency of the evaluated structure and identifying necessary measures to reduce energy vector costs. Following the efficiency interventions, it can implement the identified solutions, provide dedicated service reports and follow the procedures defined by the competent authorities for the recognition of Energy Efficiency Certificates TEE (White certificates).



City Green Light, as an Energy Service Company (ESCo), funds energy efficiency improvement costs through its own funds, which also include design and maintenance costs with the investment costs recouped from the generated savings.

The customer pays the ESCo a fee equal to the discounted energy cost, which represents a portion of the savings generated by the interventions. With this approach, the energy savings generated, thanks to the use of efficient technology (potentially complemented by energy self-production logic), will reimburse the initial investment and the financial expenses incurred for the ESCo.


Operating lease for photovoltaics is a contractual arrangement through which a company or an individual can enjoy the benefits of a photovoltaic system without having to purchase the system itself.


The customer enters into a leasing contract with City Green Light that includes an all-inclusive fee, allowing them to immediately benefit from solar energy without incurring any upfront costs. This eliminates the need to manage maintenance, which will be taken care of by the energy services provider.

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