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Smart city: “Genova Future City Map” is the project for aerial remote sensing to inventory urban assets.

The project “Genova Future City Map” is the result of collaboration between the Municipality of Genova, City Green Light, which has been in charge of the public lighting service since 2020, and the technology company Wesii, a leader in the European market for the multispectral aerial remote sensing applied to green themes.

Genova is the first city in Italy to initiate aerial remote sensing to inventory urban assets. The activity involves aerial data collection over the entire municipal territory of 245 square kilometers at ground resolutions typical of drone surveys (4cm/px). This coverage extends across the entire municipal territory and encompasses wavelenghts belonging to both the visible and invisible spectra (thermal infraded). The result is highly detailed data with precision and significant information potential. It can be used both to enhance and update the knowledge of the territory and to guide strategic decisions in the context of municipal sustainability.

The level of technological innovation is made possible by the expertise brought to the table by City Green Light and Wesii in the fields of image processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These capabilities enable the automatic classification of any identifiable object at these resolutions and across different wavelenghts.

“Genova Future City Map” will also enable the classification of all the rooftops in the municipal territory, more than 50,000 in total, based on their potential to host photovoltaic installations. The project will allow for the quantification of the maximum photovoltaic capacity that can be installed across the entire municipal territory, as well as the existing photovoltaic installations.

“Genova Future City Map” ultimately enables concrete prospective considerations in terms of the development of energy communities.