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“Going Dark”: a new lighting for the medieval village of Monteriggioni

Light pollution is becoming increasingly pervasive, affecting a significant 80% of the global population. The data becomes even more concerning in the American and European contexts, where 99% of people are forced to live under a sky contaminated by artificial lights.

Italy represents an even more alarming scenario, ranking as the top among indrustrialized nations in terms of percentage of its teritory affected by artificial lighting on a global scale. This situation robs eight out of ten italians of the chance to behold an unpolluted starry sky.

In the current scenario, City Green Light stands out as the sponsor of a captivating initiative. A project of cultural and environmental enrichments comes to life through light, born from the merger of Light Collective, a renowned creative consulting agency based in the United Kingdom specializing in internationally acclaimed light events, and Traverso Vighy, an architecture studio recognized for its commitments to environmental sustainability. This extraordinary event, the “Going Dark” workshop, will take place in the heart of the picturesque Tuscany.

Our participation is a testament to our profound and collective commitment. In our vision, responsible lighting serves as a strong tool to shape a more mindful and sustainable future.

The workshop’s setting will be in Monteriggioni, a charming medieval village located along the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route connecting Canterbury to Rome. The event will take place on the 2nd and the 3rd of November, providing an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a new approach to lighting that sheds further light on the Tuscan locality.

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