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City Green Light achieves “Great Place to Work” certification

City Green Light has recently obtained the prestigious “Great Place to Work” certification, reaffirming itself as a company with an excellent working environment. This significant recognition is the result of an in-depth organizational climate survey conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute, involving our employees who have shared positive evaluations regarding the values of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and cohesion.

The assessment methodology employed by Great Place to Work is based on two fundamental aspects: an anonymous employee survey, providing a comprehensive overview of their experience within the company and an analysis of company practices.

“Sustainability, innovation and people are the pillars of City green Light. We work every day to develop solutions for the environment and the communities we serve. We believe that open and continuos innovation is the true driver of regional development and that people, with their skills and uniqueness, should play a key role in the continuos improvement of our organization” – Alessandro Visentin, CEO City Green Light

This recognition underscores our ongoing commitment to creating and promoting a strong people-centered corporate culture. For City Green Light, ther certification is not the end goal but rather an encouragement to pursue our mission with even greater determination to create a workplace that is increasingly inclusive, harmonious and attentive to every need.